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Customer Center

Operating Hours Weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Inspection Probe and
    Equipment Manufacturing

    Secured key technologies
    • Optical Interference Measurement Technology
    • High-speed Camera Measurement Technology
    • High-speed Image Processing Technology
    • Precision Motion Control Technology
    Manufacture of Inspection Equipment
    • 3D Measurement Probe Production
    • Process Inspection Equipment Production
    Market Entry
    • Locating Domestic Corporate Demand
    • Entered domestic market
  • Semiconductor and
    PCB Inspection Equipment

    Secured key technologies
    • Semiconductor Inspection Equipment
    • PCB Inspection Equipment
    • Ensure performance and price competitiveness
    Inspection Equipment Production
    • Inspection Equipment Production
    • Pioneering overseas market
    • Network establishment in Chinese, Southeast Asian market
    Market entry
    • Satisfying needs of corporate demand
    • Responding to new processes
  • Expansion of application

    Expansion of market in other industries
    • Semiconductor(CMP)
    • Display Industry
    • MEMS
    • Bio Technology
    • Nano Measurement & Inspection
    Responding to new markets
    • Creating new demand
    • Responding to new measurement technology